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Radonix PC-Pro LAN 6-A

Radonix PC-Pro LAN 6-A
Radonix PC-Pro LAN 6-A

Axes : 6 axis independent

Digital Inputs : 32 NPN & PNP inputs

Digital Output : 32 open collector output short circuit protection circuit

Analog Output : 2 analog outputs with 10-bit precision

PWM Output : 2 PWM outputs with adjustable frequency

The pulse rate of output Axes : 500,000 pulses per second

Type of Isolation System : Optocoupler

Connection with computer : LAN ports with speed of 100Mb / s and TCP protocols

PC connection cable length : Up to 20 meters for UTP cable and 50 m for cable SFUTP

Accessories Support : Remote control and joystick Xbox

Suitable for : CNC 6 axis, routers, Water jet ,laser cutting Jewel ring maker

Range of acceleration performance : From 10 to 30,000 mm per second squared

Type of velocity profile : Linear and curve S

Controller Type : Open-loop position control

Hardware Locks : 24 Timed locks with the internal clock

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  • Model: Radonix-PC-Pro-LAN-6-A
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